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Berin Schneider and Shannon Schneider are only related by marriage. Shannon is married to Berin’s brother, John Schneider. However, before they were related, Berin and Shannon were either in near proximity or directly working together almost their entire adult lives. While attending Amarillo College, Shannon lived in an apartment directly behind Berin and John’s parents’ house. Berin and John never knew it, but they frequently saw their future co-worker and John his future wife. It was almost like destiny.

While Shannon was attending Amarillo College, Berin was working at BWXT Pantex. Berin changed jobs to work at Zachry Engineering in Amarillo. Shannon graduated Texas Tech and started at BWXT almost immediately after Berin left. Finally, Berin and Shannon met when Shannon came to work at Zachry Engineering. Berin and Shannon worked at Zachry together 10 years designing power plants. They worked on many of the same projects performing different roles and sharing similar experiences. Together, they became competent engineers and friends. During this time they developed a rare ability to work with each other with true understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. This allows Berin and Shannon to complement each other and provide a superior work product.

Throughout the course of their friendship at Zachry, Berin introduced Shannon to his brother John. They were married and Shannon became a Schneider. About the time Berin and Joy Schneider were married in 2018, Zachry engineering closed.

Berin chose to move to Tulsa, OK for further engineering experiences, while Shannon chose to stay in Amarillo at Altura Engineering. During their time apart, Berin and Shannon learned how the engineering business works and both gained management experience. During these six years, Berin and Shannon gained diverse engineering experience outside of power generation. Berin gained experience in prepackaged skid design, general industrial design, and food processing. Shannon gained experience in agricultural design, industrial design, and renewable resources. Finally, in December, 2023 they decided to form S2S Engineering together. Their spouses brought essential skills for forming a new business. John is an accomplished computer programmer, and thus brings with him a strong skillset in all things related to computing. Joy brings years of bookkeeping experience with her which is essential to run the financial side of the business.

Customer Impact

At S2S Engineering LLC, we provide quality and professional service to each job, large or small. We have over 40 combined years of experience in the world of engineering, specifically civil/structural engineering. The owners, Berin Schneider PE, and Shannon Schneider PE, have formed the company so that our customers enjoy quality services at reasonable rates in our communities. S2S Engineering LLC is founded on the principles of strong engineering ethics and integrity, with an excellent history of client satisfaction.


Founded in 2024, S2S Engineering LLC is projected to be a leader of our community. The company is Berin's and Shannon's vision, fulfilled, with a strong commitment to our local community.